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Amsterdam Concert



From (wireless) microphones to do a presentation, to a DJ set to boost your party, we will make sure your sound gets heard. 

Stage design

We can help you design your stage. If you already have a design, we can 'rework' it into something that can be produced and put together in your event space. 


Lighting your event is not just about creating the focus of the spotlight, but also about creating the right atmosphere that is in line with the objectives of your event. 

Live Stream

After a couple of years where we only had online events, hybrid events are here to stay. We understand this and will make sure your message gets broadcasted to where ever you want it to go. 


Video is increasingly becoming important in events. Sometimes a beamer and screen in the meeting room is perfect. But to create a WOW effect, you may want to choose for a LED wall. 


It is something overlooked by many clients: 'Who will assist me with my event?' Our team is very experienced in translating your requirements into a working set of equipment that works for you! 

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