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As the 'Best in Event Management Services', DMC Amsterdam offers an enthousiastic and highly skilled team to assist you with reaching your goals for your meeting, incentive, conference, exhibition or other event.

With our local expert knowledge, excellent relationship with a full range of suppliers and our own custom designed programs, we are able to create smooth logistics, economic bookings, great experiences and the best events!  

About DMC Amsterdam

Getting the best for your event

We provide effective event services in several areas, ensuring that each event has the desired result.

Our start-to-end management of your event projects means that you can be sure that the entire process has been managed consistently, and that our on-site support will be of the same calibre. The strategy we have when planning your events is that they are in line with your business objectives. We want to make sure that every event element and activity is complementing each other and that we can overall help you achieve your goal.

We are more than happy to help you throughout the marketing process of promoting your event. Our team members will work with you in order to analyse and understand your target audience, as well as to create a successful campaign.

During the organising process, we are glad to advise you by providing creative ideas and suggestions, as well as consult with you on how to run your event. As your local partner, we are able to establish contact with reliable suppliers on your behalf and provide you with the best deals, fit to your budget and requirements. When working on a project, we focus on aspects which suit your business and industry, which often results in a tailor made event.

If your event calls for specialised services, we can provide you with suppliers who can help enhance the event experience for the attendees. Our team can also provide personalised pre-event services, such as assisting with additional requirements and making sure that the delegates have the best experience possible.

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